Eye Care Series

The eye area is where the first signs of age start to appear. As a matter of fact our eye area status reflects the well being of our body. The three main problems we face in the area the dark hallows (panda effect), the eye bags and the expression signs.
Our Eye Care products are formulated to solve these problems as well as nourish and hydrate that sensitive area.

Eye Cream

29,00 €
Professional cream specialized for use on the eye area. Learn More

Eye Zone Repair Gel

29,00 €
This special gel is designed to further enhance the effects of the Viviane Eye Cream. Learn More

Eye Make Up Remover

17,00 €
Suitable for cleansing heavy make up and waterless mascara. Learn More

Eye Mask

27,00 €
Hydration and firming mask special for the eye and face area. Learn More

Eye Tonic Lotion

17,00 €
Tonic Lotion specialized for use in the eye area Learn More