Complete Care Series

Active Cream

27,00 €
Strong pharmaceutical cream for oily acneic skins. Learn More

Active Lotion

18,00 €
Lotion suitable for oily and acneic skin types. Learn More

Active Mask With Green Argil

28,00 €
Face Mask with green argil. Absorbs the excessive oil even from the deepest layers of the skin. Learn More

Active Soap

18,00 €
Liquid soap specialized for oily, acneic skins. Learn More

AHA 10% Cream

15,00 €
Cream rich in Fruit Acids. Used as part of the skin whitening treatment. Learn More

White Derm Lotion

28,00 €
Face lotion used prior to white derm cream. Learn More

White Derm Cream

28,00 €
Whitening Cream, essential part of Viviane skin lightening treatment. Learn More

Eye Cream

29,00 €
Professional cream specialized for use on the eye area. Learn More

Eye Zone Repair Gel

29,00 €
This special gel is designed to further enhance the effects of the Viviane Eye Cream. Learn More

Eye Make Up Remover

17,00 €
Suitable for cleansing heavy make up and waterless mascara. Learn More