Body care

Care of the body is another important aspect of cosmetics. Viviane features a series of products that help deal with the most common problems every woman faces: stretch marks, dead cells and over sweating, while simultaneously hydrating, nourishing and perfuming the skin.

Hand & Body Cream

19,00 €
Freshens and perfumes the skin leaving a long lasting smoothness on the skin. Learn More

Herbal Body Lotion

12,00 €
Hydrating and freshening Herbal Body Lotion. Learn More

Stretch Cream

36,00 €
Specialized cream for preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Learn More

Peach Sense Shower Gel and Foam Bath

11,00 €
Energizing shower gel with a refreshing peach aroma. Learn More

Breast Cream

32,00 €
A safe and natural product for a firm and tight breast area. Learn More

Breast Lotion

16,00 €
Tonic lotion specialized for the breast area. Learn More

Breast Mask

32,00 €
Mask specially formulated for the breast area. Learn More

Massage Cream

18,00 €
Relaxing and aromatic massage cream Learn More

Massage Oil

200,00 €
Massage Oil with a relaxing lavender aroma. Learn More